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1. The baby was obviously getting too hot, then Sam did what he could to cool her.

A. hot, then Sam did

B. hot, Sam did

C. hot; Sam, therefore, did

D. hot; Sam, trying to do

2. She hoped to find a new job. One that would let her earn money during the school year.

A. job. One that

B. job. The kind that

C. job, one that

D. job, so that it

3. Knocked sideways, the statue looked as if it would fall.

A. Knocked sideways, the statue looked

B. The statue was knocked sideways, looked

C. The statue looked knocked sideways

D. The statue, looking knocked sideways,

4. To walk, biking, and driving are Pat’s favorite ways of getting around.

A. To walk, biking, and driving

B. Walking, biking, and driving

C. To walk, biking, and to drive

D. To walk, to bike, and also driving

In the next four sample questions, you will be asked to rewrite a sentence. Your new sentence

should be clear and grammatical and should have essentially the same meaning as the original


Norwalk Community College Sample Accuplacer questions

5. In his songs, Roderick Smith makes melody and lyrics intricately intertwine.

Rewrite, beginning with Melody and lyrics . . .

Your new sentence will include

A. Roderick Smith has

B. make Roderick Smith’s

C. in Roderick Smith’s

D. does Roderick Smith

6. It is easy to carry solid objects without spilling them, but the same cannot be said of liquids.

Rewrite, beginning with Unlike liquids, . . .

The next words will be

A. it is easy to

B. we can easily

C. solid objects can easily be

D. solid objects are easy to be

7. Excited children ran toward the loud music, and they told others about the ice cream truck


Rewrite, beginning with The excited children, who had run toward the loud . . .

The next words will be

A. music, they told

B. music, told

C. music, telling

D. music and had told

8. Chris heard no unusual noises when he listened in the park.

Rewrite, beginning with Listening in the park, . . .

The next words will be

A. no unusual noises could be heard

B. then Chris heard no unusual noises

C. and hearing no unusual noises

D. Chris heard no unusual noises

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