English Discussion

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Your discussion prompt will be posted below. Respond to this prompt in a well thought out manner that expresses your thoughts, gives clear reasoning, and fully explains your point through metacommentary. These discussion are not required to be in formal writing so you may write casually if you wish. However, you will be required to include at least one quote or paraphrase that is referenced with an in-text citation. A Work Cited list will also need to be placed at the bottom of your response so that your classmates can check out your source material if they wish.

See these resources for MLA format of citation and sources if you need it:

MLA In-Text Citations: The Basics // Purdue Writing Lab (Links to an external site.)

MLA Formatting and Style Guide // Purdue Writing Lab (Links to an external site.)

There is not minimum word count, however to produce a full thought out response your first post should be between 120-150 words minimum.

You will also need to respond to at least two classmate’s initial postings.

Remember to keep your initial posting and responses both well thought out and respectful for all involved. As college students we should be able to disagree with each other while still showing respect for other opinions and ideas.

Week 4: Discussion Prompt Directions

Read both of these articles about Cell Phones and how they are being used in either your textbook or by clicking the following links:

A Snitch in Your Pocket by Micheal Isikoff

https://truthout.org/articles/a-snitch-in-your-pocket/ (Links to an external site.)

Social Media: Establishing Criteria for Law Enforcement Use by Robert D. Stuart

https://leb.fbi.gov/articles/featured-articles/social-media-establishing-criteria-for-law-enforcement-use (Links to an external site.)

Prompt – Answer one or more of the following questions to complete this discussion:

Do you believe that the government, police agencies, or corporations have a right to invade people’s privacy without their consent?

Have you ever had any privacy or content concerns with your cell phone use? Did the claims of either of these essays/articles make an impact on you?

Do you read the entire user agreement when you download apps to your phone or join a social media site? Why or why not? Does the information in these articles shock you or not?

Do you agree with Robert D. Stuart that Law Enforcement needs to establish appropriate controls over the use of social media? Why or why not? Can there be a compromise?

In recent years social media sites have established “Fact Checkers” which have been seen by some as essential to weeding out false information while others see it as a way to censor and block information that the site administrators do not agree with. Do you believe that “Fact Checkers” are a good thing for social media?

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