english 125 literature at ashford university.

This is for english 125 literature at ashford university.


For this assignment, you will write an annotated bibliography on three sources. For detailed information on how to create your Annotated Bibliography, please see this Sample Annotated Bibliography.

In your Annotated Bibliography, you will

  • Copy and paste the writing prompt you chose to explore in Week One into a Word Document.
  • Restate the working thesis you created in Week One below your writing prompt.
  • In this same document, identify your primary source (your short story) and two secondary, academic sources.
  • Summarize each source and explain how the source supports your working thesis. These summaries should be 100 to 150 words for each entry.

For the Annotated Bibliography assignment, you will write annotations for three sources. One source should be a primary source. Next, you will choose two secondary sources that are additional to the text.

The two sources you locate must be academic sources and come from peer-reviewed journals or other scholarly publications. For information on finding sources within the Ashford Library, please view the ENG125 – Literature Research tutorial.

The Annotated Bibliography includes a citation of the source in APA format. It also includes a brief summary of the source.


  • Original documents: Diaries, speeches, manuscripts, letters, interviews, news film footage, autobiographies, official records, etc.
  • Creative works: Short stories.

The primary source is the short story you choose to write about. Please see the List of Literary Works to choose a primary source. The source must come from this list.




Secondary sources are publications like textbooks, magazine articles, histories, criticisms, commentaries, encyclopedias, etc.

An appropriate secondary source to use for your literary analysis is a journal article that interprets and offers analysis of a literary work.


My story and prompt i chose.

What You Pawn, I Will Redeem” (Sherman Alexie, 2003)

Prompt 2 In some stories, characters come into conflict with the culture in which they live. Often, a character feels alienated in his/her community or society due to race, gender, class or ethnic background. The texts below all contain a character who is ‘outcast’ or otherwise disconnected from society in some way, reflecting important ideas about both the character and the surrounding society’s assumptions, morality, and values. Choose a text and consider the questions below as you critically read the text. Then, craft a working thesis that suggests how this alienation is expressed in the text and why it is significant.


My working thesis

My working thesis is behind what was pawned and the value behind the object.

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