ENGL122: Inequality for all paper

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The purpose of the brief paper is for me to get a sense of how you write, and for you to get the hang of using MLA format while expressing your opinion on a topic that everyone should know and care about: income inequality. At this point I want to be sure that students are familiar with how and when to quote/paraphrase, and how to smoothly integrate source material into a paper. I am not concerned, yet, with your evaluation of sources or crafting an argument. It might be helpful for you to think of this first paper as a “getting-your-feet-wet” assignment.

So, you’ve viewed the film and have expressed some thoughts on it. Now I would like you to provide a commentary on the film in a paper that makes use of 2 of the movie review sources listed in the Module titled “‘Sources for Inequality for All’ Paper.” You may agree, disagree, or modify any statement made in the film or the source materials. Admittedly, since I am not asking you to craft an argument at this point, your organization may have a somewhat loose feel, but that is not a cause for concern.

Keep in mind that the focus is on how well the film handles the issue of income inequality; you are not writing a paper about the issue of income inequality


  • watch this movie and consider your reaction both to the issue of income inequality and to the movie itself
  • express your thoughts upon how well the movie handles the issue and persuades you, the viewer. For instance, you might include topics such as whether the narrator was effective, the comprehensiveness of the film, how clearly the issues were explained, etc. While this is not a personal narrative you are welcome to use “I”
  • decide upon two reviews to use as source material; the Viewer’s Guide contains details about the film that you may find helpful, but you would still need to use 2 movie reviews as your sources
  • the film itself must appear in the Works Cited Page as well as the two reviews
  • 3-5 pages, plus a Works Cited page

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