Energy Conversion

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select a topic from the first 4 Chapter coverage of Weston’s text and to write a report with the content per the attached grading sheet.

  1. Fundamentals of Energy Conversion
  2. Fundamentals of Steam Power
  3. Fuels and Combustion
  4. Aspects of Steam Power Plant Design

this is the guide line of the paper:

1. ____________ (20%) Abstract (What was done, methods, what was found – 1 or
2 paragraphs)

2. ____________ (10%) Objective stated (what is project about, from proposal –
maximum ½ page)

3. ____________ (10%) Review of literature (what has been done before – 3
minimum sources of materials used)

4. ____________ (30%) Details of current work (what person or group
accomplished – heart of report – should support results/conclusions – 2 pages max)

5. ____________ (20%) Results/Conclusions & References – 1 page max

6. ____________ (10%) Thoroughness and quality of work (judgement on my part)

7. ____________ (breakdown) Appendix (one of two sentences each telling who
did what for multi-person projects)

I expect this to be professional quality. You may use ASME conference papers
concepts within my grade outline above … see…

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