Encountering scripture,

Sacred Writings (or Scriptures) are often an essential aspect of many religions in human history. This exercise, which you will repeat for each religion we study, will allow you to encounter the text on a level akin to how the religious tradition approaches it.

For the task, please:

1) Begin by reading the “Introduction” to Chapter 3 on pp. 48-49. Book: world religions in dialogue. ISBN# 9781599820835

2) Choose one sacred text (there are 5 to choose from) and read the entire section on it (including the text, outsider and insider commentaries).

3) In 400 words (at least 2 paragraphs), compare and contrast your reaction to the text to some aspect of the commentaries. Please include ONE reference to Gavin Flood’s understanding of religion (the Week 1 article) in your response.

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