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 “The Marshall Mather’s LP” Album by Eminem review

When I first listened to this album I thought it was pure profanity and violence but I didn’t know Eminem. This album The Marshalls Mather’s LP it starts with a person telling the listeners that Eminem could careless what you think or feel about this album he than finishes Eminem say the last words sue me than heading to his first track song.  This album really speaks to audience especially the song Headlights, Eminem is rapping an open letter to his mother with the emotions of how he was never there for him, but despite this he still loved her at the end of the day and her to know that although they’ve gone their separate way in life. This song in particular as it goes on and on the verses only get better. “Did I take it too far? ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ and all them other songs, but regardless I don’t hate you ’cause/Ma, you’re still beautiful to me/’cause you’re my mom.” Eminem is the seen as the king of rap in my eyes not only if you pay attention to the way he thinks you’ll find yourself laughing or even at times relating. Another song in his album called So Far… it shows how he doesn’t care of the fame; he can’t adapt to the life of living in a mansion nor used to people asking for autographs even of a napkin.  I feel as many should listen to Eminem because it really gets you pumping what I mean it puts you in a good mood, helps to relief some stress with many of the crazy things he says because you start to think did he really just say that. Also something that I learn from his album is that he relates a lot to his past how it was growing up in a crazy household to the world he lived in all connecting with his imagination of hate and violence. He has a crazy imagination but also compares it to everything that he went through for example when he was younger he was never accepted by others many neglected him. It’s really hard to understand him as an artist by one song this album really speaks because he talks about family his father never being part of his life, as his mother always drugged and careless these raps that’s he makes are all in connection to that he literally raps his heart out to people and this is what makes him so good, I usually love girly music but when it comes to Eminem I could really say that his music his raps are like a story it clears your mind and gives you that good laugh. Another song I love from this Album is Who Knew… as I stated before he talks about what likes and what he cares about, he offends the President as well as tells others to like what they like. One thing you will learn after listening to Eminem is no rapper will ever mess with Emienm because the return will not be good.

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