elf – Study Problem 10.01 The Management of Wildhorse Manufacturing Company is evaluating two wating two forklift systems to use in its pla plant…

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elf – Study Problem 10.01The Management of WildhorseManufacturing Company is evaluating twowating two forklift systems to use in its plaplant that produces the towers for a windmill power farm . Thecosts and the cash flows fromthese systems are shown below . Thee company usesa 9 percent discount rate for all projectsear DYear 1ear 2Year 3Otis Forklifts5 – 3 , 1 13 450 $ 994 225 51 359 886 $ 2 128 497Craigmore Forklifts $ – 4 129 410 $860 236 $1 760 225 $2 857 110Calculate net present value ( NPV ) . ( Enter negative amounts usingunits using negative sign e .g . – 45 25 . Do not round Discount factors . Round other inound other intermediatecalculations and final answers toa decimal places , eg . 1 525 . )NAVOtis forkliCraig more ForkliftsDetermine which forklift system should be purchasedkliftlike to show Work for this questionpen Show Work

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