Edu 652 week 3 – discussion 1

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Ashford 4: – Week 3 – Discussion 1

E-Learning Design Dilemma


A blog, or Web log, provides users   with the ability to communicate asynchronously on the Web. Across the Web,   teachers and trainers use blogs in a variety of ways.

You have been tasked to create a   hands-on learning activity for your school’s or company’s staff. Ben, a   colleague, suggests that you create a blog for the project. If you are new to   blogs, watch the following tutorials at:

If you have never created a blog,   consider using a site such as to create a blog and then include a link to your blog   within your post. If you already blog, include a link to share your blog with   others in the course. Describe your thoughts on using a blog for a learning   tool. Discuss the pros and cons of blog use. Respond to at least two of your   classmates’ postings.

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