Economic Advisor.

I need to write an appeal letter (one page personal statement) to Economic Advisor.


In order to qualified this major, I need to get average GPA 2.7 for the first semester between class Econ 100A and class statistic 20, but I got  C+ on major course Econ 100A, and B on Statistic 20 which gave me a average 2.65 instead of 2.70. I only miss 0.05 point. I really want to get into this major. So please help me to write an personal statement to convince my Economic Advisor.


I just received a letter from Economic Department:



Dear Student,


Upon review of your Spring 2017 economics application and overall academic record, you have not met the minimum requirements for the Economics major and we are unable to offer you admission.

We know this is disappointing, but we are here to help you explore alternatives if you would like.


IMPORTANT:  If you feel there was an error in our review, please reply to this email and inform our office as soon as possible. We would be happy to double check your academic record and correct any errors.



In certain cases, students may appeal this decision. Consideration is given to appeals in which serious extenuating circumstances beyond a student’s control impacted their ability to meet the requirements for the major, and these circumstances have been resolved in such a manner that will not affect future academic success.


Inappropriate grounds for appeal include lack of an alternative major, strong interest in economics, poor study skills with no outside contributing factors, etc. Appeals are rarely granted and students should also plan for an alternate major during the appeal process.



If you feel your circumstances warrant an appeal, please reply to this email with a personal statement. Your personal statement must adhere to the following guidelines:

· Include your name and SID number

· Explain why you are appealing, and include any information you believe is relevant

· Statement cannot be longer than ONE PAGE. Lengthy personal statements will not be read thoroughly. Many students mistakenly write one or two paragraphs to explain their passion for Economics. There is no need to do this – we assume you are passionate about the major and that is why you are appealing.

Make sure your personal statement also addresses the following questions:

1. What specific circumstances occurred that prevented you from meeting the requirements for the Economics major?

2. How will these circumstances effect your ability to be academically successful in the future?

3. What specific plans do you have for future academic success?

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