Please read the eBook first then do the following exercises. For each question, please write 250-350 words.


the link for the eBook is here:



Note: the Page number of book is NOT the page number of the PDF.

For example Page 56 Exercise 3 is on the Page 96 of PDF.


Read Markel (2015) Technical Communication ch3 Writing technical documents

❏ Do Exercise 3 on page 56: Rewrite the paragraph. You do not just need to correct the grammar or sentence structure. Rewrite the paragraph and combine sentences or change wording if you think appropriate. Submit to Blackboard

❏ Read Markel (2015) Technical Communication ch20 Writing definitions, descriptions, and instructions

❏ Do Exercise 3 on page 573. Submit to Blackboard

❏ Read Markel (2015) Technical Communication ch6 Researching your subject

❏ Do Exercise 3 on page 144-145. You do not need to do part e . Submit to Blackboard and keep a copy of the lists handy. In addition, download the

BrowZine app to your phone and subscribe to the three journals you pick OR set up a Table of Contents alert for them through the Purdue Library

❏ Read Markel (2015) Technical Communication ch9 Emphasizing important information

❏ Do Exercise 3 on page 213. Submit to Blackboard




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