East Tennessee State University Description of LinkedIn Platform Journal Discussion

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IMPORTANT: Before completing this journal, you Must complete the entire LInkedIn assignment. You will copy Step 3 into this Journal

What to do:


Create a Journal Entry. DO NOT use attachments. WRITE DIRECTLY into the Journal.


Write3 paragraphs. Paragraph 1 and 2 are about LinkedIn. Paragraph 3 is about the chapter 16 reading.

Paragraph 1: Look again at the LinkedIn Business Management Program page and your profile.


a, Copy and paste into Paragraph 1 the exact comment you wrote in LinkedIn assignment Step 3: What it is like to be a Business Management Program student? (To earn points, the instructor MUST see this written in LinkedIn.)

b. List the names and titles of the 2 people (in addition to your instructor) you connected with in your LInkedIn profile. How will networking with these people help your career?

c. List the names of the 2 pages or groups you followed or joined.Why did you pick these?How will following or joining them help you inyour career?

Paragraph 2: Describe your experience creating your LinkedIn profile, finding connections, and following/joining groups. Do you think LinkedIn networking will help you in your career? Why or why not? Write at least 100 words.

Paragraph 3: This paragraph is NOT about LinkedIn, but about Chapter 16. Write 3 significant things your learned from Chapter 16 Networking. Each should be at least 30 words.


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