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ESC1000L: Earth and Space Science Lab

Module 3 Applications Assignment and Learning Summary


Directions: Complete the following activities from your text. Be sure to label and number each activity (you do not have to re-write the questions).

Activity 7.6 Reading Contour Lines (pg.57-58): complete questions 1 through 6

1. contour interval given is 40 feet (12.192m)

2. difference in elevation between point A & B will be 120 feet since the contour interval is 40 feet so point A is at 960 feet while point B is at 840 feet

3. )index contour given in the map are

1200 feet 1000 feet 800 feet

4. steepest slope is shown by arrow 1 since contours are very close means the elevation is change very fast. While least steep is arrow 3 in which contour are very far from each other.

5. circular closed contour indicating hill are at point D and E.

6. circular closed contour indicating depression is at point F which is near to point G since hachure marks are seen at point F.

Activity 8.1 Examining the Hydrologic Cycle (pg.130): complete questions 1 through 5

1. Oceans

2. 0.84

3.. Run off: Infiltration

4. 35%

5.. Snow

Activity 9.3 Glaciers and Ice Sheets (pg.156-157): complete questions 1 through 3

1. 1.10%

2.Greenland & Antarctica

3. Ice Sheets exist on a much larger scale than valley glaciers

Activity 9.6B Identifying Glacial Features on a Topographic Map (pg. 163): complete questions 1 and 2

1..Left to right

2.Cirques, Arete, Medial Moraine, Lateral Morine

Module 3 Learning Summary

Compose a short (1-3 paragraph) summary of what you learned in this module. You may want to write about:

· your reaction to particular ideas presented in this module

· questions you may still have

· any “aha” moments that may have occurred to you

· connections between what you’ve learned and how you might use this information in your professional or personal life

Be as specific as possible about your learning and include one or two examples of how this module changed the way in which you think about the earth

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