Early Childhood Education Administrato

After viewing your classmates’ Wordles, write a minimum 150-word response to at least two of them.  Comment on the similarities and differences between your list and theirs.  State whether your classmates have identified key characteristics of their professional career.  Does their rationale merit the inclusion of the characteristics on the list?  Discuss what characteristics you would change on your list based on their list of words.  If possible, respond to at least one classmate with a different major than your own.



The ten characteristics which I have chosen to describe an Early Childhood Education Administrator are; creative, direct, empathetic, helpful, kind, knowledgeable, organized, patient, persistent, and supportive.

When it comes to managing a business, an Administrator must be organized, and knowledgeable about childcare and resources that are available to assist parents and caregivers. Being organized helps to minimize stress caused by lack of order.

Because the Administrator is in a leadership position, he or she should be a good listener and empathetic as challenges arise among the staff.

Communication is vital to building relationships. Verbal and written communications must be direct to avoid confusion or misunderstandings.

At times conflict will arise in the workplace, and it helps to know that the person in charge cares about you, is supportive, and willing to offer help as needed. Resolving conflict takes time, and the Administrator must not be a person who is hasty but is known for being patient and kind.

Creating balance in the workplace takes a person who is creative when things get hard, and boredom begins to set in from following the daily routine. Maintaining a positive work environment and business requires persistent efforts towards excellence on the part of the Administrator and staff.

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