1. According to Thomson (2009), formative assessment is the process by which teachers assess the knowledge of young children. The formative assessment in classrooms should be a process not just a tool. Teachers should collect assessment information from kids by use many methods as a continuous process and then arrange the information collected. For example, they can do this by observing and investigating the kid’s characters and behaviors in the classroom. They can also give the children simple tasks and assess their performance. Teachers should consider the age bracket of the kids when selecting the assessment method to make sure that the assessment content aligns with what the children of that age are expected to be able to do.

What should a teacher do after they’ve assessed their student?



2.   What basic considerations need to be taken when planning a developmentally appropriate indoor classroom space for early childhood learners, and what additional considerations need to be made for students with disabilities?.


3.   Discuss how centers can be best utilized in the early childhood classroom and how these can best be organized for the most effective efficiency?


4. As an early childhood professional describe strategies that you would implement to improve the educational success of children from diverse backgrounds.

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