E2IR2: Investigative Report: Neighborhoods: Location and Self Identity

E2IR2: Investigative Report: Neighborhoods: Location and Self Identity




One of the most important influences of our identity is our neighborhood. We all grew up in a neighborhood we often remember sometimes fondly and sometimes not. As we move our neighborhoods change, both those we move into and those we leave behind. Have you ever re-visited your first home? For this report, Professor Grey wants you to explore a neighborhood where you have lived for at least one year. This can be where you were born, where you grew up, where you currently reside or any place between that had meaning for you.


In two pages or 500 words describe your chosen neighborhood and touch on the following characteristics: 1) demographics-i.e. race, ethnicity, socio economic status, age, religion, etc. of the neighborhood when you lived there, 2) physical characteristics or topography- what does the neighborhood look like- buildings, size, roads, parks etc., 3)neighbors- describe a neighbor or two you remember, and 4) organizations- were there any organizations including school that meant something to you or that dominated the neighborhood in terms of importance or presence?

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