due in 6 hours 700 words. answer them separately

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i attached the readings and the instructions please check them. the first three question, the answers should have a picture or video with the link in the first three questions.

On Canvas-Islam in Europe

Hunter. Islam, Europe Second Religion.

Chapter 1 Islam in France pp.3-28

Joan Wallach Scott. The Politics of the Veil. Canvas Islam in Europe

Introduction pp. 1-20

Chapter 5pp. 166-74


Piser_A New Plan to Create an ‘Islam of France’”


Viewing: The following interview is informative: go to min. 27

Conversations with History – Joan Wallach Scott https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrknwNl818Y

Check out the following article on the burkini ban or find other articles if you cannot access this one. Is it still an issue in some countries?


WRITTEN Blog Post #10 is due by midnight the day before the class meets.

Please answer these questions connected to your readings. Be critical.

  • Explain the historical background of the Muslim presence in France. Why does the Islamic community lag behind both economically and socially in France. Discuss.
  • How does the presence of Islam in France cause a challenge to the secular order? Is France’s secularism, or Laïcité, unique? Explain!
  • Based on your readings and research, why is the headscarf seen by some (many?) as a threat to Western culture?

: connected to your readings. Be critical.

  • What kind of ideological differences exist among Muslims in France? How are intra-Muslim relations characterized.
  • Based on your reading of Joan Scott’s introduction and part of Chapter 5, briefly explain the headscarf controversy. How did the “veil” (headscarf) challenge the French republic and its ideal of “abstract individualism” by asserting difference?What are your own thoughts on this debate?
  • What do you think about President Macron’s plan?

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