Due 4/10/2023….please follow all instructions…..no plagarism

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Option 3:


-Watch the drama series (at minimum Episodes 1 & 2) on HBO Max or Disney + and then prepare a 10-slide presentation answering the following questions. 

1) What effects does substance use have on adolescent growth and development?

2) Apply the HEADSSS assessment to the lead character (Rue). What are some key areas that would be considered a positive screening? Why?

3) How do psychosocial factors and the home environment play a role in substance use disorder?

4) What role does the NP have in addressing mental health issues? 

5) What screening tools would you use for adolescents for substance use and depression? Explain how these tools are implemented into practice. 

6) What referrals would be beneficial?

7) What are the benefits of Narcan trainings and harm reduction interventions in the high schools?

8) Reflection: What are your overall feelings on the series?

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