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 Reply to other classmates on how to strengthen their disaster plan based on the role of the nurse. Provide feedback on any points needing improvement. Make sure to support your discussions with peer reviewed literature. 



   Provide the details of your disruption: Your location at the time the disruption occurs, type of disruption, disruption duration, the only available communication tool, and what’s missing during the disruption.

     My location of the disruption is in the patient’s home, located in New Holland, Pennsylvania. The type of disruption is a hurricane. The duration is for one year. My available communication tool is radio/walkie talkie and what is missing during the disruption is clean, running water.

     Research how this disruption would impact you in your role as a registered nurse.Identify 2 tasks that you would delegate and identify who you would delegate the task to. Provide a rationale for this delegation. What are the policies and procedures surrounding your type of disruption and location? How will the only available communication tool and missing item alter the plan? 

     The disruption would impact my role as a nurse as it would affect hygiene and sanitation. Running water is needed to wash our hands, for bathing, drinking, as well as flushing toilets. The communication tool that has been given to me is a radio/walkie talkie. One task that would need to be accomplished is to seek help. With the use of walkie/talkie it can reach out to EMS and local police and delegate the task for any assistance. The problem with walkie/talkies is not everyone would have this source of communication. Getting in contact with family or friends is very limited, as most people rely on cell phones as a source of communication. That is why the second task of contacting work, family or relatives can be delegated to a neighbor to see if they have resources to contact them with a cellphone.   FEMA suggests listening to the radio for emergency information and alerts and to know your evacuation routes (Protective Actions Research, 2023). The radio can provide updates on what is happening in the area with road closures and damages in the area. Policies and procedures surrounding the disruption and location would include to see if the patient is prepared with hurricane supplies, such as bottled water, batteries, canned foods and medical supplies. FEMA also suggested reviewing emergency evacuation plans and local officials directions. Other procedures would include to refrain from driving into floodwaters, evacuate if advised and stay inside especially if there is high winds(Protective Actions Research, 2023).

    Identify any priorities, issues, or potential near-future issues that affect your work.

     Priority issues or potential near-future issues that can affect my work, would be road closures. Road closures could impact on how I would be able to transport or receive help for the at home patient. Priority would be to keep my patient safe, contact nearby neighbors to see if they possibly have a phone to use to reach out to my agency and contact supervisors regarding my patient and their current condition. I would also be concerned with medications on hand and if the patient has enough supplies. Hygiene would be the major issue as there is no clean water running. Bottled water supply may run out before roads will open, any damages, or if stores would be open.

     How does the duration of disruption affect your plans?

     The duration of one year seems like a very long time to be without clean running water. This could impact hygiene for the patients, as well as clean drinking water. The World Health Organization states patient and staff are at an additional risk of infection and disease when water, sanitation and hygiene services are nonexistent (Drinking-water, 2022). The duration would also impede on any other clients I may be taking care of. Care would have to be taken over by another nurse, if that is an option, depending on damages due to the hurricane. The other clients may be stranded and not have anyone to assist them with their care.

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