Drug therapy across the lifespan

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  1. Create a PowerPoint presentation that is a slide show
  2. APA 7th ed. formatted title slide
  3. Identify and introduce the lifespan you will be focusing on, to include why this lifespan could be impacted by the variability (for example in neonates, the liver is immature).                                         
  4. Identify and explain the variability you will be focusing on
  5. Identify and explain a medication you will focus on (pharmacotherapeutics)
  6. Discuss pharmacokinetics as it relates to your selected lifespan. For example, how is an older adult with hypertension affected by the variability you selected, when taking calcium channel blockers? 
  7. Include the consequences of the variability’s effect on the lifespan- for example, if there is impaired excretion, will there be drug accumulation?
  8. Present an action you, as a RN, would take, or suggest taking, to address the consequences of the variability
  9. Identify at least two education points to include for this patient population related to the medication and the identified variability
  10. Identify lab values that would need to be monitored in your identified lifespan, to include reference range used at your organization
  11. Briefly summarize the medication, the lifespan and the variability
  12. Include at least 2 scholarly studies for support during the presentation – reference slide, APA 7th ed formatted
  13. Presentation should be 12 – 16 slides long 
  14. Attach a transcript of your presentation, use the closed caption tool, or ensure your slides have notes discussing each slide

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