don’t drink and drive

In General ( my subject is don’t drink and drive)

Submit document as an attachment using pdf format.

Each assignment should have the course cover page, which includes:

[your name]


Interview Questions (50 pts.) will be combined with Draft 2 (50 pts.) for a total of 100 pts.

Minimum 10 questions – You may add additional secondary questions if appropriate.

Develop interview questions for your subject matter expert(s). Avoid vague, general questions. Prepare questions that are specific and open-ended. Start with the less-complex topics (conversation starters). Be objective. You may include additional secondary questions for complicated topics or any issues you feel may need clarification.

write 150 discussion.

Give an example of a vague, general, interview question (that applies to your proposal). Restate it as a specific, open-ended question that will elicit or prompt insightful information for your proposal.

Discuss what type of information you are investigating or why you are asking this particular question. Also, consider whether it may require a secondary question for clarification

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