Does incarceration of a parent effect children

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not less than five



journal research articles

related to your topic.

Each of these articles must have a

specific hypothesis being tested.

For each of these articles, you must identify the theory,

hypotheses, data sources and measures, research design, sample, statistics us

ed, and


The final design paper will pull together these various parts into a coherent single paper

modeled on the format of a research journal article (familiarize yourself with the common

order of sections for research journal articles).

Doing well on the learning activities will go

a long way toward doing well on the final product.

But the final paper also gives you an

opportunity to improve on earlier work based on my feedback. Complete descriptions of

the following elements must be included in the final paper:


Literature review

The question/theory with the theoretical concepts.

Include a model of your theory

and explain the relationships between your concepts.

Identify your variables in detail (how they will be measur

ed) and explain why they

are good proxies for the concepts.

Identify your null and alternative hypotheses.

Identify and explain the logic for at least one plausible alternative hypothesis and a

relevant control variable.


Research design and data collection strategy

Sampling strategy

Analysis plan.

What relationship or comparison will you need to see to reject the

null hypothesis?


Each week each student will present each step of the paper for class discussion. The final

paper will

be approximately 8

15 pages, plus a separate cover page and works cited page(s),

double spaced, 12 point font, and will conform to the APA format for headings, citations,

and references.


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