Doctoral Dissertation Topic Proposal (DNP)

Holy Family University Admissions

Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Nursing is a profession of nobility and ethics. In all that we do as nurses whether we are at the bedside or in primary care we strive to do and be the best that we can do and be for our patients. As nurses we are also patient advocates- again whether at the bedside, in case management, or in primary care we do all that we can to assure that our patients have plans of care that are realistic and that meet each patient’s individual needs. In meeting those needs we also make sure that our decisions in care are within each patient’s best interest.

Dissertation Topic

Implicit bias in patient care is a topic that is not always comfortable to discuss in nursing and primary care, but it is one that should be respectfully addressed using evidence and fact-based research. For my doctoral dissertation topic, I intend to research and discuss implicit bias in patient care and how it affects patients as well as care givers and primary care providers. I also want to research ways that we can be aware of these biases to prevent them from arising and interfering with the trusting rapport between the care provider and the patient. To amend these issues, we must first be aware of them and be able to recognize them as they come up.

Research Plan

To thoroughly research this topic, I plan to use my clinical hours to address and interview patients who have been treated and are being treated for chronic and acute conditions and discuss their experiences with their care providers. I also plan to use my clinical hours speak with and interview care providers in both primary care and nursing. Additionally, I will use my clinical time to analyze evidence-based articles and literature related to the topic of implicit bias in healthcare. I am also very opened minded to suggestions from the DNP advisors on how to go about effectively and efficiently researching this topic during my clinical hours and beyond.

Brief Conclusion

In closing, we as care providers in such a need-based profession as nursing have one goal. That goal is safe and ethical patient care for every patient that we encounter. While planning, organizing, and administering this care it is important to build a trusting rapport. Facing and bringing awareness and research to the topic of implicit bias in healthcare will help in building this rapport with patients because the information will make us better primary care providers and nursing leaders.

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