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Use the 

Job Description
  BELOW and your experience/education to develop a cover letter. 

Advanced Engineering and Technology

Engineering Team Lead

1. Introduction

The incumbent of this position will work in advanced engineering and technology’s field office. Advanced engineering and technology is one of the world’s premier organizations providing a broad array of engineering and technology disciplines. The position will be required to provide or quickly obtain the capabilities identified in the duties section.

2. Duties

The incumbent is responsible to the deputy manager and serves as an engineer or engineering technician serving as the customer representative for public and government contracts. Specific duties include:

Responsible for reviewing, evaluating, and appraising programs related (but not limited) to providing direct day-to-day oversight of general technology activities.

Responsible for reviewing, evaluating, and appraising programs related (but not limited) to applicant’s area of responsibility: maintenance, engineering, safety, sustainability, energy conservation, project management, and facility operations.

Oversees engineering disciplines and evaluates contractor work programs,

Identifies technical problems in assigned areas of responsibilities, and ensures appropriate corrective action when necessary. Concisely explains the problem and corrective actions to senior managers.

Responsible to audit and surveil design and manufacture documents and plans, field activities, and operational and maintenance procedures for conformance with requirements, specifications, prescribed procedures, etc. Incumbent effectively communicates evaluations and analyses to top management officials orally and in written appraisals.

Responsible to apply and review/assess the application of computer applications or computer software packages to evaluate and solve technical problems in general technology.

Reviews for ensuring developed or developing plans and models that are compliant with federal, state, and local regulations, while using principles and practices in order to effectively design, manufacture, operate, and maintain all elements of area of responsibility.

Analyzes the business and cost implications of technical decisions, and evaluates for sound and workable conclusions.

Demonstrates continuous improvement through critically evaluating individual and assigned team, as applicable, strengths and weaknesses with a desire to update and improve skills appropriate for general technology.

3. Factor level definitions

Factor 1 – Knowledge

Advanced level of knowledge in general technology including engineering concepts, practices, and principles sufficient to provide consultative service to management.

Knowledge of the technical and administrative requirements for general technology to support design, development, manufacture, installation, implementation, maintaining, and troubleshooting systems.

Knowledge of regulatory policies, bulletins, and publications pertinent to general technology sufficient to review, evaluate and appraise programs.

Knowledge of management, human development, and leadership principles and techniques to guide both small and larger (up to 20 individuals) work teams.

Knowledge and experience in problem resolution and effective action plan development for both independent and team efforts.

Factor 2 – Supervisory Controls

The incumbent reports to the deputy manager and provides project guidance, oversees overall objectives and general policy, and reviews the actions of the team for compliance with broad directives and policy concerning advanced engineering and technology. The incumbent plans and carries out work in an independent manner keeping the deputy manager informed of actions.

Factor 3 – Guidelines

There are few written guidelines that specifically state how work for this position is to be performed. Work is performed based on an understanding of overall broad program objectives, goals and policies of the agency. These objectives, goals and policies are learned from working in the agency for a long period of time. Changes or refinements in these objectives, goals and policies, as established by the are communicated to the incumbent in meetings and discussions with the deputy manager. Because much of the work involves establishing, revising, and interpreting specific written guidelines for oversight of

Program objectives, goals, and policies in the field, a high degree of originality and technical judgment is exercised. These actions of the incumbent are recognized in the field as technical oversight and are used to ensure compliance and appropriate management of construction and operations.

Factor 4 – Complexity

Assignments involve oversight and evaluation of agency actions involving general technology. Most situations encountered are complex, and the incumbent must be able to respond with flexibility and expert judgment.

Factor 5 – Personal Contacts and Purpose of Contacts

Personal contacts are with senior engineering, technical, and management personnel. The incumbent contributes as a technical expert in committees and meetings in areas of responsibility.

Contacts are for the purpose of informing, evaluating, developing acceptable actions, and validation of highly significant matters. Oversight of projects sometimes involves contacts motivated by other priorities and who can be skeptical or resistant. The incumbent may represent the agency in professional meetings and provides technical guidance to facilitate planning and issue resolution to meet short and long-range program requirements, and develop standards and guides for broad activities.

Factor 6 – Physical Demands

The work is both in field and office environments with direct oversight of design and operations. Incumbent must be able to perform normal functions required in industrial environments including the use of protective equipment and appropriate safety protocols.

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