Do you have any foreign connections through work, family, facebook,

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The book to use for this assignment is called Global business 4th edition. Chapter 1 International Connections Assignment INTRODUCTION In this first chapter you′re learning how incredibly connected the world is today and what that means for everyone. Cultures, economies, businesses, and relationships are formed across national borders in ways unprecedented in history. Many of us now have connections with foreigners through family, work, or social ties. That is the aim of this assignment. ASSIGNMENT You′ll use the Discussion Board to post your comments and to respond to your fellow classmates′ comments regarding the prompts below. Feel free to start your own dialog with classmates. This is your class! PROMPTS 1. Do you have any foreign connections through work, family, Facebook, etc.? If so, what countries? Has your connections changed the way you perceive the world or America? 2. What foreign countries have you visited or would like to visit someday? Do you or would you feel comfortable traveling overseas? 3. How do you think your world has changed as a result of globalization? What do you predict for your future as a result of globalization? Post your comments and respond to others before the due date indicated in the Course Schedule. To get started, click the title of the assignment. This will link you to the correct forum. To receive a satisfactory grade you must post a new thread and reply to at least one other postings with substantial and relevant information during the course of the module. To receive an above average assessment you most post early and stay active during the course of the discussion. Living in another country does take some adjustment. For instance, if you live in Germany you have to travel via the Autobahn. What′s so special about that? It′s legal to ride a motorcycle going 180 miles-per-hour……

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