Diversity of Views and Experiences

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Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship 2015-2016


Applicant Statement #2 (Diversity Statement) – No more than one page in length. Please note in your statement if you believe you qualify for the DOVE (Diversity of Views and Experiences) Fellowship

Enrolling and graduating a diverse student body is central to the University of Maine’s mission. Please write a statement that identifies the distinctive qualities, characteristics, and life experiences you would contribute to your graduate program and to the education of fellow students at the University of Maine. You may wish to include examples that address your contribution to the diversity of the student body and illustrate your motivation to succeed by setting high standards for accomplishing intellectual and other goals, overcoming obstacles to achievement, and/or helping others to gain access to the resources necessary for success.
(please do not exceed one page in length unless your program has provided separate instructions)


  1. a)I am USA citizen but an immigrant that struggles with families support in my native countr
  2. b) In my undergraduate studies  I work more and studies less, but I change the course
  3. c)I have work and have  school friends from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin Ameria, and USA
  4. d)I have the philosophy that one needs one another in this life and we should prevail peace over conflict
  5. e)I interact easily with people with different ethnic group than mine
  6. f)I will help the University to achive the goal of diversity and equality by treating everybody with respect and dignity.


Q: What do prospective students need to write for the Diversity Statement?
A: The graduate program will ask nominees to write a narrative statement (no longer than two pages) on how her or his background, experiences, and achievements will contribute to the University’s goal of promoting excellence through diversity.  If applicable, nominees should mention hardships or obstacles that they have overcome to complete their undergraduate education (e.g. low-income and first-generation college students).  If you have submitted a Diversity Statement (Statement #2) to The Graduate School online application, you have fulfilled the statement requirement

Q: Who is eligible to be a nominee for the DOVE Fellowship?
A: Nominees MUST be U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents entering The Graduate School at the University of Maine for the first time in the 2015-2016 academic year (entering Fall term).  Students pursuing either the master’s degree or doctoral degree can be nominated.  In addition, the nominee can hold a master’sdegree from another institution.  Students with terminal degrees are not eligible (such as M.D., J.D., Ph.D., Ed.D., etc.).

Q: What is the DOVE Fellowship definition of diversity of views and experiences?
A: The DOVE Fellowship seeks to assist graduate programs to promote a diversity of views, experiences, and ideas in the pursuit of research, scholarship, and creative excellence.  This diversity is promoted through the recruitment and support of academically excellent students with diverse ethnic, racial, economic, and educational backgrounds and experiences.  Programs are encouraged to consider students from groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in the graduate programs.

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