distributive justice

In two developed paragraph  discuss what distributive justice means to you. Here, you should be discussing your views about community and your role within a community and the greater good of society.

Next, link your views of distributive justice to that of Aristotle. In this one developed paragraph (7-10 sentences) you should include your reactions to Aristotle arguments about the role of humans in politics, and how women and slaves fit into his conceptions of this. If you agree with Aristotle on one or more of his points, describe why. If you disagree on one or more of his points, discuss why.

Finally, apply the views of Rawls and Immanuel Kant to ideas of community and social responsibility (i.e., obligations of solidarity and membership) in one developed paragraph . Specifically, how do you think Rawls and Immanuel Kant (from last week’s readings) would respond to the following question if they were asked it?: “If one is more advantaged economically than others in the community, does he or she owe others a piece of what we have earned (i.e., does he or she have an ethical/moral obligation to assist ones in need)?”

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