Discussions for class

Discussions for class just need to be opinion no need for writing format . ( No More than a
paragraph per question
Week 1
This week’s reading includes an excellent overview of the entire Criminal Justice System. As we begin the
course, and before we dive deeper into the different components….which branch do you think is the most
important (police, courts, corrections)? Please explain your reasoning. Part of the readings this week discuss ethics and how they relate to the different components within the
criminal justice system. In which component to you feel that ethics is the most important and/or where is it
lacking the most. Please use a real world incident to support your opinion (the news is filled with them
lately!). Week 2
How can the system change so that the victims do not feel revictimized, yet the offenders still maintain
their constitutional rights such as to confront their accuser at trial? Crime Reports and Statistics – Lots of readings this week on crime statistics. Why are they important? Do
you feel that one type of statistic is better than another?
Week 4
Plea Bargaining is used every day in the court system. Please provide a definition as to what plea
bargaining is?
Do you think that it is appropriate (why or why not)? Do you think there should be an alternative to plea
bargaining in our criminal justice system?
So many of the heinous crimes today involve the defendant using the insanity plea.
Please provide an actual case where the insanity defense was used. Do you think that it was appropriate Week 5
After reading the module on Prison Systems, learning about their past and their current state – what do
you think is the future of our prison systems? What will work and what will not?
Are you FOR or AGAINST the death penalty? Utilize this week’s readings to support your reasoning!
** This can be a very controversial topic, it is a great discussion point, please respect the opinions of one
another. **

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