Discussion: transforming faculty

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Transforming Faculty

This post will have two parts:

Initial Post: 

Part 1: Your Experiences: Review the reading regarding transformative learning and consider your own educational experiences. Describe a situation where you experienced transformative learning. Was this learning opportunity self-directed (meaning you came to it through your own research or experiences) or would you describe it as “faculty-led” (meaning transformative learning was achieved in an educational setting under the guidance of faculty) instead?

Part 2: Your Role as Faculty: Consider your role as a new faculty member. How can you facilitate transformative learning? Based on your reading and/or your experiences, select one transformative teaching strategy or action that you would like to incorporate into your teaching style. Discuss your rationale for selecting this strategy.

Discussion Rubric

Criteria Ratings Points

This criterion is linked to

a Learning Outcome

Content/ Comprehension

20 to >15.0 pts


Post demonstrates depth

of understanding of

course content; Addresses

discussion prompt

completely; offers clear

point of view and detail

15 to >10.0 pts


Post demonstrates adequate

depth of understanding, but

does not address all of

discussion prompt; point of

view is somewhat unclear

and detail is limited

10 to >0 pts

Needs Improvement

Post does not

demonstrate depth of

understanding of

course content;

Discussion prompt is

minimally addressed;

Point of view is

unclear and detail is



This criterion is linked to

a Learning Outcome

Engagement/ Classroom

Interaction (One to two

response posts, please

refer to the week’s

discussion for specific


20 to >14.0 pts


Submits required number

of response posts;

Responses extend the

discussion by making

connections, relating to

others’ ideas and adding

supporting detail

14 to >9.0 pts


Submits required number

or response posts; Some

connections are made with

relevant explanation and


9 to >0 pts

Needs Improvement

Responses are not

submitted; Responses

are generic, limited, do

not extend the

discussion or add



This criterion is linked to

a Learning Outcome


10 pts


Submits initial post by


4 pts


Submits initial post one to

three days late(after


0 pts

Needs Improvement

Submits initial post 4

days late(after



This criterion is linked to

a Learning Outcome



10 to >8.0 pts


Posts have 0-1 spelling or

grammatical errors;

Properly cites work in

APA format where


8 to >5.0 pts


Posts have 2-3 spelling or

grammatical errors; Cites

work in APA format where

required with few errors

5 to >0 pts

Needs Improvement

Posts have 3 or more

spelling or

grammatical errors;

Does not cite work

where required


Total Points 60

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