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Below are 6 discussion topics. Each topic needs to be at least 300-400 or more words with at least one reference (APA style).

  1. There are several unique characteristics of qualitative research that make it distinct from quantitative research. Describe the aspects of qualitative research and the elements of design that contribute to the rigor of the work. What actions of the researcher can compromise the integrity of the findings?
  2. Validity and reliability are primarily quantitative research concepts. Morse, Barrett, Mayan, Olson, and Spiers (2002) argue that their exclusion from qualitative research design undermines the credibility and rigor of qualitative research conclusions. Were they correct in this assertion? Why or why not?
  3. Doctoral learners becoming researcher/scholars must be able to produce original, written academic works and to evaluate the calibre and originality of their writing and the writing of others. At the same time, all research has its foundation in other research. How can you as a doctoral level researcher balance producing your own original research with recognizing and crediting the works you use as your research foundation?
  4. GCU places great importance on academic integrity based in the Christian worldview. How will you go about utilizing sound habits and behaviors to prevent plagiarism, intentional or unintentional, in your coursework, doctoral writing, and ultimately your dissertation research? What temptations might doctoral students encounter that would challenge their ethics? How does your worldview influence your adherence to academic integrity?
  5. In a doctoral program, a learner must assume the role of independent researcher in order to become an expert in their respected field of study. Along the way, learners will need to identify a gap (an area of study that needs to be researched) in order to formulate research question(s). Klingner, Scanlon, and Pressley (2005) detailed the process a researcher takes to produce a scholarly article. Discuss how a review of literature contributes to a doctoral identity by transitioning a learner into a scholar. As you make your way along your doctoral journey, other than completing one course and moving on the next, when and how will you evaluate that you are growing as a learner and as scholar?
  6. Looking back at Topic 1, how has your dissertation topic changed in the last eight weeks? Looking ahead, how will you build time into your schedule to work independently to continue to develop your literature review and uncover a gap in the literature that you will address with your dissertation? Discuss a theme or trend you have noticed while completing your Topic 8 assignment. (This response does not require research support.)
    1. It has changed about 3 times but it is still centered around the difference/gap of minorities having advanced roles higher education.
    2. A lot of my time will be spent during the weekends researching, completing assignments and etc.

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