Discussion Overview

Discussion Overview

Discussion participation in this course is taken very seriously. If you have not read the Discussion Assignments Overview and Requirements information, do so before you participate in the discussion area.APA Style citing and referencing is a stringent requirement for any “borrowed” data that is posted in the Discussions as well as submitted in the other assignments in this course. Select Course Specific APA Style Instructions and Guidance to access an excellent guide with tips on how to utilize APA Style to format in-text citations and references.

Discussion Requirements

The following are specific Discussion requirements:

  • Initial posts must be made by mid-week (Day four).
  • Respond to a minimum of two of your peers’ posts.
  • To assist your instructor in evaluating your work, when creating your initial post, copy the question from the activity and paste it in bold font just before your answer.
  • To assist the readers in keeping track of who the involved parties are in a specific discussion, begin your response posts with the name of the peer to whom you are responding.
  • Place appropriate APA Style in-text citations and a Reference Table for any “borrowed” data obtained from a source.
  • Your data needs to be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors.
  • Using terminology from the reference sources in your answers will enhance your grade.
  • Unless you are a subject matter expert on the topic, based on your degrees, certifications or “on the job training,” do not submit data obtained only from personal experience.

Discussion Question

Chapter 9 in the course textbook introduces the topic of insider fraud in the workplace. An article published in late 2015 stated that a study conducted by Kroll, a leading global provider of risk solutions, suggested that “Three-quarters of companies (75%) had fallen victim to a fraud incident in the past year” (Business Wire, 2015). One observation posted in the article was that “old fashioned theft, bribery, and kickbacks are still amazingly effective and pervasive” (Business Wire, 2015). Ironically, the study found that only 2% of the fraud was a result of illegal activity committed by an external hacker. The article goes on to state that statistically, the best defense against insider fraud is the exposure of the criminal activity by a “whistleblower” (Business Wire, 2015).

Question: Consider the following: In your position as an IT Department supervisor, you notice while skimming through some logged audit data that a fellow employee and close friend had copied insignificant, non-secure, non-confidential data from his/her system to an external storage device against company policy. Would you report the activity to the appropriate personnel in senior management per the stated requirement published in the company’s HR manual?” Go beyond a simple “yes” or “no” response by providing your reasons and justifications for taking such a position.

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