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Initial question

What difficulties do you anticipate during the process of implementing your Individual Development Plan? How do you use appropriate coaching or mentoring techniques to meet the end goals? Explain.

Please respond to the classmate below.

APA, at least one scholarly reference.

Respond to this:

The biggest difficulty that hinders the implementation process is the fact the mentee is my own child. I have coached the child for eleven years in multiple sports and activities as well as been their parent for the fifteen years they have been alive. There are several factors to keep in my mind, there is the emotional attachment to the situation of wanting the best for your child but having to keep in mind that they are their own person with ideas, desires, and thought processes. It is a situation where I can’t let my own desires for my child derail the potential for their failures and successes (ACTIVEkids.com, n.d.). Another factor to consider is the ability to overcome the hurdle of being the parent/mentor/coach that the response the mentee gives is typically not the same as if they were being mentored by another individual.

There are numerous ideas on how to coach/mentor your own child. It does take maturity, discipline, and restraint to coach your own children. This biggest takeaways and things that work are the positive encouragement after competition (ACTIVEkids.com, n.d.) and making suggestions for improvements during practices where it can be utilized for constructive criticism in a positive manner. Knowing the child’s limitation (ACTIVEkids.com, n.d.) is very essential for a dual purpose the first is knowing where the ledge is so you don’t leap off of it but it also is the opposite knowing where the mountain begins so they can experience growth in the proper way to become better and expand their limitations. It is like hiking up a mountain. There are going to be climbing moments where they get better and there are drop offs that have to be watched out for so them and you don’t fall into the ravine and damage the relationship and the passion for them to carry on.


ACTIVEkids.com (n.d.). 15 tips for coaching your own child. Retrieved from https://www.activekids.com/sports/articles/15-tips…

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