Discussion Board Question

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Corruption and unethical (but often legal) actions seem to dominate the business world over the past few years. Research a company or incident that has occurred recently and describe it in depth to your classmates.

  1. What was the Company?
  2. What unethical behavior took place?
  3. Who was involved? What was the impact (national or global)?
  4. What legal action resulted, if any? Did the company put into place any code of conduct after the incident?
  5. What could it have done to avoid this situation?
  6. Post your example early in the week and make sure to read the answers of your peers.
  7. Do not repeat companies already selected by your peers.

You may utilize the text, internet articles and internet videos to do your research. Include in-text citations and references only, full APA compliance is not required for discussion board postings. Leveraging the internet to research your responses adds value.

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