Discussion Board Post (400 words). This discussion board post is about the list you prepare for me the other day.

Two discussion Board Post

Discussion Board Post (400 words).  This discussion board post is about the list you prepare for me the other day.

Db 1

You were required to develop a reference list of articles relevant to the research topic that you chose. As you read, note the journals your articles are published in and discuss the following questions: (1) What are some of the most interesting and informative publications (i.e., journals)? (2) Are they published by a specific professional organization (e.g., National Science Teachers Association; Council for Exceptional Children)? (3) Do they seem to be research focused or teacher (i.e. practitioner) focused? Please note that your Topical Reference List is a separate assignment; therefore, refrain from posting your full reference list and associated abstracts here.

Db 2

Do you believe that it is possible to fulfill the role of prophet, priest, and king as a teacher? Please support your response with the text, other sources, and/or the Bible. (250 words)

Student Sample

Graham (2003) suggests that to be effective in the classroom, our actions should reflect the character of God in order to be a witness for His kingdom. As we develop our understanding of America’s educational foundations, we must realize the importance of Graham’s assertion that learners are image bearers of God; that they are marred by sin; and that the learner’s marred image is only restored through the Gospel of Christ. Remember, an important and critical aspect of early colonization of America was the result of the Reformation, where individuals understood the fallen nature of man. The colonists earnestly desired to teach their children to love and worship God in an environment of freedom and liberty. Thus Graham (2003) indicates that teachers today must understand the learner and that understanding ultimately should inform our approach to teaching. Graham (2003) suggests all teachers who are followers of Christ are given roles of prophet, priest and king.


Graham, D. L. (2003). Teaching redemptively: Bring grace and truth into your classroom. Colorado Springs, CO: Purposeful Design Publications. ISBN: 9781583310588.

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