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Bullying prevention is a growing research field that investigates the complexities and consequences of bullying.  There is also a complex relationship between bullying and suicide.  

Visit http://www.stopbullying.gov/resources/index.html and identify resources for preventing bullying

and assisting children who have been bullied.


Post your discussion to the Moodle Discussion Forum.  Initial post must be made by Day #3.  Word limit 500 words.  Reply to at least two other student posts with a reflection of their response.  Please make sure to provide citations and references (in APA, 7th ed. format) for your work. 

Response to two classmates ,please one paragraph for each classmate(200 WORDS) with 2 references each one.

 Classmate 1:A few youngsters become bullies during the preschool time frame while others hold on until they accomplish high school. One way or the other, guardians and watchmen can rapidly distinguish tormenting ways of behaving inside their youngsters as soon as conceivable by learning related qualities. Whether they are tormenting individuals at the everyday schedule, Lcsw (2020) concurs that adolescent domineering jerks share specific qualities. In addition to other things, young person menaces are rash, have outrage the board difficulties, and frequently need compassion or compassion. Additionally, these people are frequently irritated, inclined with dissatisfaction, barely regard authority, and seldom comply to set down guidelines. Not to neglect, teen domineering jerks are genuinely more grounded and see brutality emphatically.Bullying, as other strange ways of behaving, doesn’t happen normally yet originates from different circumstances, experiences, and encounters. Features, high school bullies could have basic psychological wellness issues, like uneasiness. These young people in some cases experience the ill effects of conduct problems, for example, oppositional resistant circumstances. Others could have been mishandled or confronted horrible accidents in their lives. These elements, happening in isolation or harmony, make an individual more forceful and improves their probability of tormenting others. In a perfect world, youngsters who at last become menaces frequently come from conditions or families with specific qualities. Much of the time, they begin from families with excessively tolerant guardians who scarcely oversee their youngsters’ exercises. Families with cruel actual discipline, disorder, and clashes are probably going to raise high school menaces.
Out and out, bullying ways of behaving have different intricacies and results individuals should comprehend to manage unfavorable results. They ought to rebuke such ways of behaving at whatever point their kids manifest them. Meaningfully affects individuals and it can happen anyplace. Bullying can occur in various structures however the most well known one today is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a type of harassing that happens online like via virtual entertainment or social stages. Cyberbullying is one of the main types of bullying and a large portion of them have been considered to prompt big quantities of misery and suicides in the nation (Cornell and Marachi, 2019). This generally influences young people, who as per studies are normally participated in web-based entertainment stages. The measurements show big quantities of self destruction cases and self-destructive considerations among adolescents who have been harassed. The examination has given data on how bullying irritates melancholy and builds the gamble for the two casualties and surprisingly the individual committing bullying. Guardians and gatekeepers ought to recognize these ways of behaving ahead of schedule to assist their kids with becoming capable grown-ups. 

Classmate 2:Bullying is a severe issue with potentially grave consequences. It is a form of aggression that involves the deliberate use of power to harm another person, either physically or emotionally. There is not any specific cause for bullying. Some possible factors include a lack of positive adult guidance and supervision, a need to feel powerful, to fit in with a group, a lack of empathy, a desire for attention, or a need to compensate for low self-esteem. Bullying can be behavior learned from their homes or social settings. Bullying can have serious and long-lasting consequences. Victims of bullying may experience difficulties in school, health problems, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and suicide attempts (Rigby,2020).

       Researchers have recommended some tips to deal with bullying. First, a key step in helping these children is to simply listen to them. This can help them feel validated. Reassure these children that they are not alone and that it is not their fault. Let him know that bullying is not tolerated and that you are there for him. In addition, the child should be helped to develop coping skills. Children must recognize and name their feelings. Provide strategies to help them cope with difficult emotions by teaching them deep breathing techniques, visualization exercises, or other mindfulness practices. In contrast, a safety plan should be developed for them when these children are bullied, including strategies to avoid the aggressor, role-playing how to defend oneself, and knowing who to contact for help (Arseneault, 2018). Finally, it may be necessary to seek additional resources for children such as speaking with school administrators, seeking counseling services, or contacting organizations such as:

1. StopBullying.gov. 

2. National Bullying Prevention Center. 

3. The Bully Project. 

4. American Academy of Pediatrics Bullying Prevention Resources. 

5. The Anti-Defamation League. 

6. STOMP Out Bullying. 

7. National Education Association (World Health Organization, 2020).

        In conclusion, bullying is a considerable problem. It can have a substantial effect on mental health and well-being of children, leading to feelings of victimization, depression, anxiety, and even suicidal ideation. It is a problem that should be taken seriously. Therefore, these children should be helped as soon as possible.

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