Discussion 7

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requirement in doc

Watch video

· Video: “ASIAN LOVE vs AMERICAN LOVE….Which One Is Better?” By Fung Bros 


discussion (1)

How did this video make you feel? Based on the stories of the students in the video, where do you think the concept of “Asian Love” vs “American Love” comes from?

(200 words)

Discussion (2)

thoughtful responses to at least one (1) of your classmates

(100 words)

Watch video and read article

· Video: “Asian Representation in Film and Media // Past and Present” By Opiniyon


· Article: “Why aren’t there more Asian Couples depicted in mass media?” by Renee Wang


Discussion (3)

Name the 
types of Power and 
aspects of Systems of Oppression that influence popular media representations of Asian Americans. Then reflect on the following: How do you think current media representation of Asian Americans influences Asian American Intimacies?

(300 words)


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