discuss, compare and contrast the differences between the two Civil Rights leaders Martin Luther King and Malcolm Little, better known as Malcolm X

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After reading all the assigned materials, the student is to discuss, compare and contrast the differences between the two Civil Rights leaders Martin Luther King and Malcolm Little, better known as Malcolm X. Be sure to trace the intellectual pilgrimage of Martin Luther King and include some of the intellectual ideas and movements that strongly affected him. Especially explain how each man viewed their particular religion as a driving force to their approach to Civil Rights and especially address their views on the use of violence to achieve their goals. Include quotations and materials from both articles and the textbook readings and properly cite them either in footnotes, or reference notes and include a bibliography. (see instructions for proper citations – link provided)

The students will write an essay/review which should reveal the complexity of the topic under consideration. Requirements:

  1. 600-word (3pages) (minimum) (double spaced) written project that requires students to create a historical argument, analyze and interpret the assigned sources, and relate the “cause and effect” relationships revealed within the source material.
  2. A professional product – i.e., spelling, grammar, syntax, presentation, etc. count.
  3. Sources must be documented in an appropriate format. (MLA or Chicago Turabian Citation.


Review/Essay Format: (make sure you are using a professional review/essay format of an introductory paragraph, several body paragraphs and a conclusion.)

Title: (Be sure and include a “title” for your essay)

Author/s: (tell me who is writing the articles and why)

Thesis: (what is the main point you believe the author is trying to make)

Summary: (give a brief overall summary of the articles and textbook sections)

Author’s and Producers Conclusions: (what major points the writers of the articles believe to be true)

Your Reactions: (were they well written, how do they compare, did you learn anything, would you recommend them to someone else etc…)

Include a bibliography and proper citations and footnotes

***One of the most important parts of your review/essay will be your ability to notice what was historically accurate about the articles and what was inaccurate. The review should be based on the articles and readings from the textbook and the your Professor will expect to see plenty of direct quotations taken from the readings included in the review and many specific examples drawn from the readings as well….the Professor wants evidence that the student read the assignment, and understood it and now can explain it to others.

If you don’t show that you have read all of the essays and textbook sections all the way through, I will take off a minimum of 10 points from your essay. You need to show me that you read everything, understood it and can discuss and explain in your essay.


  • Minimum 600 words
  • 12 point
  • Times New Roman or other easy to read font
  • 1” margin.
  • You only need your name, class, and date on the first page in the upper left corner.
  • As mentioned above, you MUST cite your sources throughout the essay.
    • I expect to see 2-3 quotes per page
    • If you don’t cite the sources you use, it is considered plagiarism and you will receive a 0 for the assignment .
    • Sources:
    • ps://kinginstitute.stanford.edu/king-papers/documents/pilgrimage-nonviolence
    • Malcom X speech on Revolution

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