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audience I interact with can vary from day-to-day. Those that I
communicate regularly with tend to be school staff, military personnel,
medical professionals, family and friends along with the casual
interaction of strangers. When interacting with anyone I try to show
them the same respect that I would appreciate in their place. I have
found, however, that my demeanor is markedly different with each. For
instance, when communicating with those in the medical or military field
I hold myself in a more formal manner and keep responses short and
direct whereas with school staff, family and friends is more relaxed and
interactive. Strangers, however, are assessed and addressed each on
their own accord. This may be the warm and gracious manner in which a,
“good day to you” is received and reciprocated or by the the audience I
gain by use of my horn when being cut off while driving.

agree with this post 2-3 sentences

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