develop an analysis of the vignette.

Signature Assignment 1- Vignette Template

Using your knowledge of young children’s characteristics and needs, develop an analysis of the vignette. Use at least 3 references for your analysis, and cite them following the text, in paragraph form (APA style), where applicable. Include a full APA list of the references after the table. Also complete the “check your work” table at the end, as a way to self-evaluate your own work.

Three-year-old Justin tries to place a triangular shape into its corresponding opening in a three-dimensional puzzle. The puzzle slips, and Justin misses the opening. He immediately sets the puzzle upright and holds it with one hand while using the other hand to insert the piece into the opening. He looks around the room to make sure his preschool teacher saw what he accomplished. When he sees that she is not watching, he takes the piece out and calls to her to come and see what he can do. “Look, Ms. Lopez, see me!” Ms. Lopez comes over, sits down next to Jeremy on the floor, and watches him fit the puzzle piece into the puzzle. Sarah is also watching and comes over to share the puzzle with Justin. She wants to try also. Justin grabs the puzzle and tries to hide it from Sarah. He yells, “My puzzle! All mine!”

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