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The Assignment  is designed in four phases.

 – Phase I: Develop a theme for the organization
 – Phase II: Write job descriptions and establish a point factor
 evaluation system
 – Phase III: Market data and merit program
 – Phase IV: Benefits and the compensation budget

*Phase I: Develop a theme for the organization—ungraded, but required
draft (due Week 2)*

In this phase, you will establish a business.

 – What is the business (technical, professional, service, etc.)?
 Create your business, and give it a name.
 – Start developing a description of the organization (goals, strategy,
 culture, values, location, environment, and product or service).
 – Establish a staffing plan. Determine the positions needed. There is
 to be a minimum of 35 employees in the organization.
 – Think about the total compensation needs.
 – Develop an HR mission statement and objectives. This should
 express the company’s attitude toward hiring and retaining employees.

*Phase II: Write job descriptions and establish a point factor evaluation
system—ungraded, but required draft (begin in Week 3 and due in Week 4)*

In this phase, you will write job descriptions, create an organizational
chart, and rank the jobs.

 – Create a minimum of six benchmark job descriptions and six
 additional nonbenchmark job descriptions to serve as your internal jobs’
 hierarchy. (See the note below regarding software to assist with this
 – For each job description, you will want a standardized template.

Each job description should contain the following.

 – Scope of the position
 – Identify the job duties
 – Define the qualifications (education requirements, experience,
 skills, and other criteria).
 – Define the ADA requirements. Each job description should have ADA
 requirements defined per position. This should include the physical,
 mental, and environmental conditions per position.
 – Show placement of staff or departments in the organization chart.
 – Create a basic point method system. Identify what compensable
 factors will make up your evaluation criteria and their weights. Rank these
 jobs within the organization. Explain the methodology for your team project.

Note: The website of the national occupational information network or
O*NET <>
<>contains an excellent job description writer
as well as all current U.S. job descriptions that can be used for both
research in this phase as well as models for your submissions.

Note ,Each Phase 1 and 2 required in separate files 

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