Designing your company infrastructure

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Designing your company infrastructure

With your team, based on your company scenario along with information submitted in phase 1, submit a formal report addressing the following points below. I strongly encourage that each point contain substantial detail, explanation and support. This document will serve as a basis for later parts of the project. You may merge the new elements from the phase 2 document at the end of phase 1. 

and these are the questions :

3. What technologies will be needed as part of these solutions? What are the requirements of using these technologies? (Be as specific as possible) 

4. How does it compare to your competitors? If there are no competitors or other similar initiatives, then be sure to state this in the report. 

5.  Will your solutions require usage of existing infrastructures, or implementations of new infrastructures? Explain. 

6. What are the projected estimated costs? Will you need specific resources/ software or hardware? 

7. Are there any particular partnerships within the community that would be needed or helpful in order to achieve this goal?

8. Are there certain regulations or laws that need to be considered if your plan goes into effect? 

Do remember when you have done this to me before so based on that what we going to do now is the second part . so this is your previous work and your idea not all of it but some of it you have done it so read it and think of the questions i listed above because we want to avoid conflicting idea  :



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