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Well, this is it. It is time to write that book report. Below are some guidelines for writing the report. You should write a 500-word typewritten essay using your responses to the following guide questions as an outline for the report.

Book Report Guidelines and Questions

  1. Briefly introduce the character or person the book is about and the plot or main events. Conclude with a general comment on the novel or biography.
  2. Describe who the book is about (biography) or discuss the main characters (fiction).
  3. What psychological disorder does your main character or person have? How does it affect his or her life? You should use your textbook and the Internet to describe the disorder and its symptoms in addition to discussing the impact of the disorder on the person or character’s life.
  4. Describe your response to the book.  Did you find it interesting or compelling? Why or why not? What did you learn from the book?
  5. Would you recommend this book to other readers? Why or why not? 

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