Den week # 15

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 Welcome to our reflection discussion. Please reflect on the topics we have covered over the last 15 weeks, discuss healthcare policy and politic and discuss the impact of mentors during the course. 

 Minimum of two scholarly references in APA format within the last five years published 



This course focuses on the formation of health care policy and the role of policy in healthcare delivery. Students will assess the role of stakeholders in the development of policy and explore the impact of economic, political, legal and ethical issues on healthcare reform. This course also examines the organization of health care delivery systems and the role of the advanced nurse in driving reforms to policy.


1. Point out the impact of economic, political, and legal and ethical issues on the development and evolution of health care policies

2. Determine the effects of healthcare policy on nursing roles and healthcare delivery

3. Examine the development of health care policies at the legislative level

4. Relate the role of the nurse leader as a driver of policy reform

5. Interpret research, bringing the nursing perspective, for policy makers and stakeholders

6. Promote policies that incorporate ethical principles and standards for the use of health and information technologies

7. Advocate for patients, families, caregivers, communities and members of the healthcare team

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