Define the terms and concepts. From the reading.

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full and complete answers to each question.That includes the use of concrete examples where appropriate and supporting documented data.Be sure to eliminate plagiarism by citing all of the sources that you quote or paraphrase. Any academically accepted method of documentation is appropriate.

Define the following terms and concepts.Be sure to provide full answers, based on your text and/or our class discussions.No Webster’s Dictionary or Google definitions are applicable:

Sociology (10 pts.)

Social Problems (10 pts.)

Community (15 pts)

Describe Structural Racism.Then, provide an example of where Structural Racism exists. (35 pts.)

Three major sociological perspectives were discussed in class and are described, in detail, in Chapter 1 of the text. First, describe each of the three sociological perspectives. And secondly, describe how the existence of poverty in the U.S. would be explained by each perspective. (30 pts.)

NO Plagiarism

I have provided the reading and the definition of structural racism and community, but explain it in your own word and provide examples. All the other definitions are in the chapter. If you need any other help let me know

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