Dear Customer Service

Hello! Could you please give a proofread of my Claim Letter? Just to check if the grammar and punctuation are good. Thank you so much!


Dear Customer Service:


Please fix the slow speeds over my wireless connection and reimburse me for your service malfunction.


I have been a satisfied customer with Rogers for years. However, I write to you today to express my dissatisfaction with the high-speed Internet service provided. I have never experienced troubles with your service before, but lately, there has been constant Internet disconnections, as well as slow transmission speeds.


The poor connectivity problems started on June 5th when my Internet connection seemed to go down from time to time. When I unplugged my modem and then plugged it back in, the service returned a few minutes later but not for long. After contacting the customer service, and troubleshooting the network issues, it was established that the problem was not my computer. A technician was sent two days later to install a new Internet cable and do all the proper tests. Although the problem seemed to be fixed, my internet has gotten exponentially worse since last Thursday.


The Internet service is of paramount importance, and I cannot continue with a service of such poor quality. I am expecting a speed of about 10 megabytes per second, where sometimes it is delivered about 500 kilobytes per second, or even lower. Unfortunately, the quality of service provided does not match what I was promised. I have been a great customer for years, and I am incredibly disappointed that I am paying for what was supposed to be an excellent service but in fact is a bad one. I would be grateful if you could please solve this problem within two days and send a 30% refund compensation for the inconvenience.


I look forward to hearing from you and finding a solution for this problem.



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