De Anza College Wk 4 Continuity Editing and Montage Editing Discussion

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After the WEEK 4 lecture, screenings and your journal entry:

  • Stay on this page and CLICK on the upper right “Submit Assignment.” A text box will open and you can type your posting into it.
  • POST a response to one of the week’s learning objectives or whatever interested you about the reading or screenings for that week (1 point).


  • ASK a question: What do you want to know in respect to that week’s lesson?
  • CLICK “Submit Assignment.”
  • ALSO POST THE SAME RESPONSE ON DISCUSSIONS (as some but not all postings on Modules are showing up there).
  • GO to Discussions to REPLY to another student’s post (1 point)Simply saying, “I agree with you” is not an adequate reply

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