Data policy: Compare with web sources, management homework help

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The analysis will address the case
questions and be limited to four pages, printed double-spaced, plus
exhibits.  I will be grading your papers
using the attached grading sheet with particular attention being paid to your
application of course reading material and concepts to the case analysis.
Written papers are due at the start of class. 
The cases can be analyzed individually or as a group (no more than
three). If you decide to submit as a group, you have to stay with the group for
the entire course. Your grade on the cases will depend on the peer evaluation
of your group.

Papers should be printed, double-spaced, with normal margins.  The name of the case should be on the first
page of the text with your names, date, and course number.  An executive summary is not required nor

(2) The page limit for each paper is four
pages of text, plus exhibits.  Note that
these are maxi-

mum limits. 
Papers should be concise and coherent.

(3) Exhibits should contain specific types
of analyses (application of a framework, table of comparisons, cost analysis,
competitive features, etc.) and information (web page of firm) that supports
and is relevant, but would be too detailed for the body of the paper.

Please proofread/spell check your paper before turning it in.  Papers for this course should be of the same
quality that you would provide to the management of the business.

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