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1. Report on six news stories. These should be the most newsworthy events of the day at all levels — local, state, national and international. Don’t limit the report to what interests you or your friends. Mostly, you will be looking for events that touch people’s lives and have long-term importance. But also include at least one event that is just interesting or funny (perhaps something from entertainment or sports).

2. Identify at least one story as having come from the most recent Tropolitan, or TrojanVision.

3. Use a variety of media sources, such as the ones listed at the top of the Course Schedule page.

5.Select one of your stories, and analyze it. In other words, describe briefly to the class what facts it contains, what sources the reporter obtained her information from, how she wrote the story, and how the story was presented in digital, print or broadcast format. Use the word “analysis” in introducing this section of your report.

6. 400 words limited.

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