One of the stated learning objectives of BA101 is to be able to, “explain current business news from the perspective of
different business disciplines.” This assignment is designed to help students meet this objective. Moreover, as students
we always want to see the application of what we learn in the “real world”. This assignment does exactly that.
Each student’s goal is to find a newsworthy business event and and write exactly how this news relates to our course. As
an example one student listened to a podcast interviewing the founder of Lyft. The interview covered a broad range of
topics including entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, ethics, venture capital, innovation, marketing,
and product differentiation. She then related five of these terms in her paper about the article. STEPS
Each student needs to do the following to complete the assignment.
1. Find one news article (see “Possible Sources” list on the last page of this document). An acceptable news article:
a. Has direct relevance to specific concepts in our course.
b. Is less than 3 months old. The more current the better.
c. Can be a written article, podcast/radio story, video, or other relevant media. You must be able to provide
a link to the content. 2. Create either a written paper or video presentation.
a. Explain why you chose the article.
b. Select 4 to 6 key words or topics from our course to relate to the article.
c. Briefly define all key words
d. Summarize the article and in your summary explain exactly how your article demonstrates the key
words or topics you defined. As an example if one of your terms is “venture capital” then you should note
how the article related to venture capital (i.e. “The article mentioned XYZ Inc. had just raised $500 million
in a venture capital round which valued the company at $21 billion dollars.”)
e. Communicate your personal thoughts on the article.
f. Review your draft for organization, grammar and connection to the course
g. Upload the paper or media – SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.
h. Include a copy of the article or a link to it.
If writing a paper: Must be double spaced. Must have student’s name and link to article at the top of the first page. Word count should be between 300-600 words. Submit as either a MSWord or PDF document in Canvas.
If submitting a video: The video should not exceed 4 minutes. It must be a graphic presentation narrated by you (so a video of a PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. will work) You can post it on line (supply a link) or upload the video file to Canvas. See the tips and hints area for video resources. Page 1 of 3 SCORING
Scoring will be based on the rubric found in Canvas with the assignments.
The best efforts will: Select an article that thoroughly covers the news story and relates to a lot of course key words/topics Provide a concise summary of the article and thoroughly explain how our course topics apply to the article. Be clearly articulated (either in writing or as part of the video presentation) Be thoroughly proofread TIPS & HINTS
Choose a news article that contains enough information to promote discussion of many course topics. If
your article is too narrowly focused or too short, it would be impossible to relate to enough course topics. That
would result in a poor grade for this assignment
Start early. This assignment takes time to create well. If you review your module early and choose your article
early, you will have time do a better job and get a better grade.
Video Resources: Making a video of a Powerpoint –
With Google Slides:
Screencast-O-Matic – – free screen capturing software
Jing – – free screen capturing software SUBMITTING ASSIGNMENT
1. Click on SUBMIT ASSIGMENT. 2. If submitting WRITTEN assignment click on FILE UPLOAD and upload file. If submitting VIDEO click on MEDIA to upload video file and then paste article link into TEXT ENTRY or
paste both article link and video link into TEXT ENTRY. 3. Click SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT. Page 2 of 3 POSSIBLE NEWS SOURCES
This is not an exhaustive list. You are free to use any reputable business source of your choice. As an
example if you are interested in finance and the markets you might choose an article from SeekingAlpha. Just
remember the article has to be broad enough to hit 4-6 topics/concepts from the course.
Doing a web search for a topic you are interested in also works. FOR THE EYES Bloomberg –
The Economist –
Fast Company –
Fortune –
Inc. –
International Business Times –
New York Times –
Oregon Business –
Wall Street Journal –
Wired – FOR THE EARS – podcasts. If you are interested in podcasts I suggest getting a podcast app. I use Pocket
Casts for my Android and I have heard good things about Overcast for the iPhone. But there are lots of options. BBC Business Daily –
Bloomberg Benchmark –
Hard Pass –
HBR Ideacast –
How I Built This –
Inc. Uncensored –
Marketplace podcasts – – All in One, Corner Office, and Make Me Smart
are all good Planet Money –
Slate Money – Page 3 of 3

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