Culture and Sexual Practices Essay

Culture and Sexual Practices Essay

Write an essay that is at least 450 words on culture and sexual practices.

Most aspects of sexuality and sexual mores are culturally derived. While some cultures share similar views on sexuality, others may differ greatly. I would like you to write a 450 word essay on some aspect of sexuality in the context of a specific culture. I expect that you will need to do some research on this topic so make sure to cite and reference all sources that you accessed to write this paper. Be careful not to plagiarize. Below is a list of some topics that former students have used. You are welcome to use one of these topics or explore something else.

  • Abortion and birth control pills in Japan
  • Arranged marriages in any culture of choice
  • Sex tourism (Thailand, Africa, or Asia)
  • Skin lightening in African women
  • Fowl pills (Jamaica, Haiti) and/or wife fattening (Mauritania)
  • Extramarital affairs (Europe)
  • Pornography in Japan
  • Homosexuality in any culture of choice (e.g. Holland or Korea)
  • Sexual behavior in different cultures in Africa and HIV/AIDS
  • Machismo and Latino culture
  • Forced homosexuality and South American tribal culture

Grading Criteria: Each assignment is worth a total of 28 points and must pertain to material relevant to the class. Assignments are meant to be full essays including an introduction paragraph, the body of the essay, and a concluding paragraph. For maximum points, fully answer every question asked and include information from at least one credible outside resource (such as your text) in your paper. Use APA to cite and reference your sources.

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